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What inspires us?

We are inspired by nature as a source of wisdom and healing, we want each candle and product to represent the love and respect we feel for our mother and earth and its powerful benefits.

Our products are handcrafted, using natural raw materials and creating unique designs in which the representation of nature will always be the protagonist.

About candles and intention

We do not only light candles to illuminate or aromatize spaces, they hold an energetic memory that connects the earthly plane with the physical, you can intend your candles through the conscious connection with it.

To do so, just take the candle in your hands before lighting it, take 3 deep breaths and connect with your energy. Think with love about the intention you want to put in it and light it, while you watch the candle flame visualize how all your intentions and deepest desires are being heard and above all visualize yourself wrapped in that flame of protective light that guides and purifies you.

Nature that Heals, that Calms

Allow nature to teach you her power, but above all give yourself the opportunity to feel her unconditional love, little by little we have been moving away from our roots and in Natibah we want to extend the invitation to connect more with mother earth, go for a walk in a forest, walk barefoot on the grass, enjoy a day of gardening, light a scented candle to enjoy the aromas that connect you to her, are some of the many activities that you can start practicing and that will surely bring wonderful benefits to your health and wellness.